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Typical gutter problem

Debris build up in gutters causes problems such as blocked down pipes and guttering, which in turn can lead to water damage to the building structure. Leaf acids can cause rapid deterioration of guttering and down pipes and the build up of leaves is an increased fire hazard.

Before and After

The Leafscreener Solution

Polyethylene Mesh
Leafscreener has a life expectancy of at least 20 years. Its diamond shape pattern was engineered to keep debris and leaves out of gutters, while still letting water through. It will not rust and is flexible to mould to the contour of your roof.

The polyethylene mesh is manufactured using the most up to date range of advanced polymers.   It contains an extremely high UV stabilizing additive that minimizes the system from becoming brittle.

Even in the harshest of climatic conditions, the polyethylene mesh remains unaffected by the elements.   The raw materials used in the manufacture of the polyethylene mesh are perfectly safe in terms of water collection quality for any use.

Powder Coated Aluminium Mesh
Aluminium and most of its alloys are highly resistant to most forms of corrosion. The metal's natural coating of aluminium oxide provides a highly effective barrier to the ravages of air, temperature, moisture and chemical attack.

For those in bushfire areas and where councils specify an appropriate gutter guard, the powder coated aluminum mesh is the right choice for you.

With the highest fire rating possible from CSIRO with a flammability index of ‘0”, Leafscreener's fireproof mesh is a must in high-risk bushfire areas.

Mesh types

Both Leafscreener gutter protection meshes can be installed to most roof types and gives gutters an elegant streamlined look. See How it works

Both our powder coated aluminium mesh and polyethylene mesh have been engineered to withstand Australia's harsh climate conditions, while retaining strength and colour.


To accurately quote it is necessary to view the dwelling or inspect up-to-date plans as each house or building has different challenges that must be addressed prior to installation. Things such as mesh width, access, safety, roof pitch and cleaning all affect the overall price.

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